Crochet mandalas

Dolece and Gabbana Spring Summer 2019

Christine drew our attention to a wonderful Dolce and Gabbana dress featured in their Spring/Summer collection 2019. On the video it comes up at 12.27 but the parade itself is worth a watch because it is full of colour, texture, movement and interesting uses of textiles.  In a photo it looks like they have printed mandala onto fabric but in real life you can see the mandala are made of sequins. It is great to see crochet inspiring fashion houses like D&G. Still images of this parade are on the Vogue site

In crochet circles mandala are ever popular. They are colourful. They are interesting to make and they can be as big or as small as you want them to be so they have lots of uses and make a good visual impact because they are so vibrant and have texture.


Textile connections

felted shawl
Felted shawl by lady in Murwillumbar

One of the advantages of being connected online is we can share good links with each other and also share that with others who connect with us.

Marina and Peter have been to Murwillumbah and said it was a great place for textile arts and crafts. They met a woman whose friend had handfelted the shawl featured. Some of the spinners and weavers belong to the Tweed Unlimited Arts Inc which really encourages textile arts and crafts in the region. As it turns out, Marjorie has just come back from Tweed Heads.

Anne was spinning some lovely coloured fleece on Monday. It was also beautifully soft. She had learned about rarenaturalfibres from Alexis who have both a Facebook page and a website and are well worth a look.

Wendy sent through a link form Gone Rustic Studio +Gallery in Tasmania . They have a Facebook page and a really nice website.

We need all this arty and textile goodness to keep us inspired. It’s good to have something new and different to look at and then know we can connect across this vast country  and world of ours.

The Australian Wool and Sheep Show


The Australian Wool and Sheep Show is on in Bendigo in Victoria 20th, 21st and 22nd July 2018. It’s one of the biggest fibre events in Australia. Some people call it Splendigo or Spendigo. There is plenty to see and do and there are plenty of gorgeous things on sale . The video by Fiberific will give you an idea of what you can see and then you can peruse the sheepshow website which gives you plenty of information about this year’s event.

Rosewin’s Home and Garden Journal

Rosewin is a member of the Adelaide Hills Spinners and Weavers. That is the group which hosted us for their Equipment Day and where we have some good connections. Hers is a lovely blog and there is a post about her joining the group and how she felt about it. She uses a Ron Doley wheel and spins some beautiful colours . Her blog is really worth a look:

rosewin'shome and garden journal




Rosewin’s Home and Garden Journal