Ten stitch blanket

Margaret has her ten stitch blanket well under control. Margaret likes to experiment with colour and technique. With the ten stitch blanket it’s about technique. Her first way of doing the sides produced a double colour seam. She is now trying another way where you just get a single colour. She has found that she knits that a bit loosely for her liking and will now look at how she can adjust what she is doing so it is tighter. It looks very neat, though . Her blanket is nice and soft and very pliable. The yarn determines how these blankets feel. Hers is all cuddly.

Chenille blanket

This is a lovely idea. It’s soft and warm and the colours are a good , soothing choice. Marina wove some fabric using chenille yarn. She then used the ten stitch blanket principle to create a nice , grey border. The blanket looks neat, well thought out and is stylish. An original idea done well using a combination of yarn skills.

Blanket edge

crochet blanket with knitted edgeMarina had crocheted a plain red blanket last year and it looked really good. She has since mastered the 10 stitch blanket and is now using the technique to make her red blanket something very special. She had some acrylic art yarn and is knitting it with red cotton to draw the central red colour into the overall visual appeal. It’s looking good and it is also great to see a creative use of the 10 stitch blanket technique.

Ten Stitch Blanket

ten stitich clanket
Margaret’s blanket

As explained before, Karin did a workshop with us last year for those people who wanted to learn how to do the ten stitch knitted blanket. Alexis brought hers along the next week so we could see a different way of doing it and from there it has grown and one by one we have been mastering the ten stitch blanket. Once you can turn those corners you are all right but you have to find a way to do it so you are happy. It is very good brain based learning which keeps you thinking and problem solving and then there is always a way of improving both the look

ten stitch blanket
Cathy’s blanket

and technique.

Margaret’s blanket has become a bit infamous. She started it on the bus to Equipment Day and lost her stitches as the bus bumped over the road to the hills so had to abandon it. She has since come back to it and her ten stitch blanket is very much up and running and we were pleased to see it.

Cathy has decided to use her spun wool leftovers to make and practise the blanket. She had to get her self in the right frame of mind and then find a path through the corner turning which she was comfortable with. One by one we are all getting there in our own way and in our own time and it’s good to see how different these blankets can look.

The video goes through a technique of doing he 10 stitch blanket and then shows you how to make a round one! Now, there’s a challenge…