Felted shrugs

We love playing dress ups. We love it when someone makes something we can style and play with so that everyone can see how different something can look because we all play around with the item and can then demonstrate its versatility. This shrug just made us so excited.  Beth is very clever. She got the creamy colour by using bleach. That was an eye opener for most of us. Who’d put wool and bleach together and then come up with such a good colour? This shrug is wool, silk and chiffon and is very soft. The bleach has not made it hard and rough as you might imagine. There are some things which experience teaches which imagining can’t. We wanted Beth to put it on so we could see it and then play around with how it looked. We could see it was reversible and you got quite a different look if you turned it the other way. It’s just lovely and the silver brooches which Beth added just made it look cool. It would take a lot of time to felt the fabric and then put ti together so it drapes properly. This shrug was as fun as it was fantastic.

Alpaca shawl

alpaca shawlAlexis makes wonderful shawls. She has this way of knowing how to make them drape and flatter. When you put this shawl on it lifts the whole look of your form so that you look stylish and special. She actually put on the colourful beanie she had made with it and it made her look very trendy .

commercial alpaca shawlThe shawl  is not just country style . Depending on accessories it can be given a very vampish look. It’s made from commercial alpaca which is natural colour and then dyed colour. It looks like a New Zealand forest on a crisp, sunny day. It provides warmth but it doesn’t interfere as you wear it. It doesn’t slip off an it doesn’t get in the way. It’s just lovely. The trick is the choice of colours and then the patterns used to make it.

Woven winter warmth


woven shrugAlexis was such a good sport. We wanted this photo because we loved her outfit and we loved that woven shrug/jacket. Alexis told us she had had it for a very long time. Living proof that wool is durable and sustainable and, if you know how to care for it, you have a classic garment or item forever.








Stirling ScotlandAlexis  had spun the wool and a lady in Stirling in Scotland had woven it for her. It’s beautiful and perfect for winter because it adds style and warmth. The draped look is very flattering and so you can wear something like this and not look like a Yeti because you are cold.

Class act

red felted hatWe have a number of expert felters in our group. They create the most amazing things both in terms of design and colour. As we said yesterday, it really is all about the colour and it’s something we talk about a  lot. Jan is one of our expert felters and her inspired creations have been on display at Gallery M at the Marion Cultural Centre. The gallery is very good at supporting local artists and artisans. Jan’s bold and confident use of colour make her work a class act. Enjoy.

red felted beret

red felted hat and jewellery display