Using oddments

We love our oddments. We make toys, blankets ,bags,  gloves and socks from our oddments. Anything to use the  oddments creatively. This week we had some good uses of oddments. Cathy had gathered together oddments from merino tops, old bobbins and spun and plied the yarn with dark alpaca or onion dyed Border Leicester. Now she has some nice balls of yarn to work with in good colours. Marina had spun and plied the cotton we were offered to try if we had never spun cotton. She incorporated that yarn into a beautiful knitted top . She chose a commercial cotton to mix in and has spread her own spun cotton throughout the pattern. It looks so nice. Maria had some oddments from her yarn stash and she is crocheting a lovely granny blanket for a baby. So colourful and cheerful for the little one. It always makes a good challenge to gather oddments and work out how you are going to use them to make something good.


Picnic blanket

crochet blanket

Marina had bought a huge picnic basket to keep all her yarn and fleece under more control at home. It inspired her to get out her oddments and start crocheting a picnic blanket or two – the really colourful one on the right and the muted fawns and lavenders on the left. The colourful one was just going to come along as she had time to do the motifs but she had arrived at a point with the muted colours that she had run out of suitable fawns, purples, lavenders and so on. She used her display to help us help her think of what other colours she could add or whether she should spin some wool up specifically for her blanket. This was great for us. We were loving imagining how you could finish that blanket.

The African flower motif Marina has used is very popular right now and there are so many things you can make with this motif from stuffed toys to jackets, blankets, bags, soft balls. It is a versatile and striking motif and great for oddments and stash busting.

Oddment projects

colourful socksMarjorie has finished her oddment socks and we all loved them. They are colourful, fun, warm and cheerful. On top of that she has used up some of  her oddments left over from spinning. She also inspired Marina to pick up her hook, find her oddments and start a lovely, colourful crochet vest.We all end up with oddments and it’s good to have some ideas as to how to use these oddment balls of yarn effectively. fraser0810 on Pinterest has 53 other ideas as to how you can easily use up your oddment yarns.

knitted colourful sockscrochet colourful vest