Needle felted poodle

We have watched Alan needle felt this poodle picture from the first piece of fibre. It has been an interesting , creative journey. Alan  put a lot of thought into how he was going to create the poodle. He has used an unusual fibres mix for the body . He had to think about the face and features. One of the things Alan does is get our input and then feedback online. That’s something we can all do these days: put our things online and garner peer review and support. For him , it was all helpful and so he could finish this lovely picture very confidently.


Needlefelted poodle

We have been enjoying watching Alan’s needlefelted poodle being developed each week. Last week he was needlepointing in a way that sounded like a steam train and we all wanted to woo-woo! This week he was working on the body and is getting an interesting look. It’s very effective in contrast to the darker parts. He has had to  think hard about this and the face will take time and patience. He actually breeds and shows these dogs so this is a picture of a dog he had. She became a dancing dog and looked beautiful dressed up in her show clothes and loved performing. She was always a bit of a star, apparently, so it all worked out well for her. We look forward to seeing the finished picture but , meanwhile , we are enjoying the journey. It’s a lot of work and stabbing!

Needle felted poodle

standard poodle needle feltedWe’d like to congratulate Alan on this third place prize at the Royal Adelaide Show this year for his needle felted poodle. It is a replica of his own award winning standard poodle and he used the hair he had brushed from her. We watched him making this from scratch. He had brought the fibre, his needles and equipment and a photo of his beautiful dog. He was thinking it out carefully as he created this picture. The competition must have been really strong because this was a beautifully made image of his dog. He particularly thought out the eyes and nose. He thinks he maybe should not have put it behind glass because you don’t see the full effect of the fibre and expertise. We were really impressed and we are very proud of Alan. Well done!