Show and Tell

Show and Tell

Cathy made a huge slouch beanie ideal for those with dread locks in dark brown spun alpaca and wool with coloured flecks, 2 spun balls of matching yarn from wool oddments and alpaca.
Anne: 2 beanies in rib & cable patterns light green & purple.
Margaret: Shaun the sheep crochet doll and a yellow teddy.
Jan H : a skein of green spun alpaca and wool dyed with green food colouring.
Jan E : 3 skeins – 1 Brenda’s plait in aqua/purple & blue, 2 aqua skeins plied with silk hankies.
Hilary: a beanie from the spun oddments of tops.
Maria: a rosette for the Best Exhibit for handspinning from the Clare Show. Congratulations, Maria!
John: latest progress on his weaving.

Colour your life

Every week we are treated to a feast of colours. It doesn’t matter whether they are hand dyed colours, commercial colours, colourways, colour combinations or natural colours, they are all exciting and have their impact. Every time you look at something you are wondering what the person is going to make with it or what you would make with it. You then see what happens and in the meantime you have been inspired to life your colour palette and ideas. The hidden agenda of subtle creativity is there for us just by looking. It’s the first hand experience of immersing ourselves  in colour which makes us want to create and stimulates our ideas.

Show and tell

show and tell table

Some interesting things on our table this week which were a bit out of the ordinary.

Alexis: a huge beautiful hand knitted & crocheted felted bag large enough for a whole fleece.
Janette: crocheted a knee rug from oddments of various colours.
Marina: a cable patterned beanie knitted sideways in wool/alpaca orange/brown tones.
Jan (1) :pale pink spun skein wool tops.
Wendy: a beautifully finely spun lacy scarf from the dying workshop in a pale mauve colour.
John’s finished woven table runner for his caravan table.
Jan (3):crocheted frills on the bottom of her ¾ shorts. Very effective.
John & Marina with John’s help warp up some inkle looms to make shoe laces.

warping inkle loom

Top down cardigan

There are knitters in our club who remember top down cardigans and jumpers being a thing and how the club encouraged them to try it with their spun wool. Everything which is old is new again so top down cardigans and jumpers are back in vogue! It requires a different approach and a different way of thinking about how you are going to knit the garment. Any kind of rethinking is good brain exercise.

Karin has started a lovely top down cardigan in her own lovely handspun wool which she had dyed a turquoise colour. I t just looks so nice and will be such a cheerful colour to wear on a gloomy winter’s day.

Lion Brand yarns has a good free pattern if you want to break out the round needles and give a top down cardigan a try.