Spun yarn

Nothing beats spun yarn. It has a life and texture of its own. It is very much a tactile experience. As a spinner you can spin whatever you want. You can dye your own fleece . You can buy ready dyed tops . We practise and extend our own skills and then like to support local people who are involved in producing hand dyed fibre and who sell fleeces. Each fibre and fleece feels different. If it is dyed it tends to feel dry. All of this is an experience which is far richer than working with commercial wool. Commercial wool feels odd when you work with it after you have worked with hand spun yarn. We can ply our spun fibre with cotton or acrylic fibre or a commercial yarn. That always ends up interesting . That’s the thing. There can never be enough texture or choice!


All the spinning

We love spinning and it’s good to see all the colours and then yarns which are produces. It is then even better when we get to see what happens to all these lovely yarns. Marina plied some colourful tops and then she plied a blue wool batt from Alexis with some silk. Cathy had learned to use a carder better and was spinning a wool batt she had carded. Margaret was spinning one of Suzie Horn’s lovely greens. Janette had spun  camel hair and silk and plied it with llama fleece. Karin likes to use merino and alpaca to make her woven scarves. She has trimmed this one with her own spun wool. Such lovely colours and textures and all so original.