Our wheels

Erhard Sickinger wheelBill is a new member of our group and he comes along with his wife, Ann. They were both spinners and they have come back to it after a number of years. Bill’s wheel is an Erhard Sickinger wheel from Coff’s Harbour in New South Wales. He bought it in Victoria. Erhard Sickinger is featured on the Australian Spinning Wheels site. He came from the Black Forest and his wheels are traditional Black Forest wheels. Bill wasn’t happy the connection ,which held his foot soldier on, broke but it would have been wear and tear over the years and he had it repaired quickly and the wheel works  really  well now.




Erhard Sickinger wheelThe wheel is beautifully made and is light and compact for travelling. It spins quietly and efficiently. Bill would rather have a more functional wheel such as the ones Ron Doley makes so that he has all the bobbins and things you need for spinning on the wheel itself. The Sickinger wheel, though, is a part of our Australian spinning wheel history in Australia. bills wheel 2


Maintain your spinning wheel


In our group, one of the first things a person new to spinning will learn is how to maintain a wheel. You cannot spin properly if the wheel isn’t working optimally. Everyone in the group with have their tips and tricks and freely share them. During any group session people are always ready with help and spare bits to ensure someone’s wheel will work smoothly. We start our new year tomorrow so it’s a good time to think about the maintenance of our wheel if we haven’t already done so. The video gives some good advice and tips. There are also some really good ideas and tips over at The Woolery. 

Our wheels

MajaCraft Little GemSheila’s wheel is a MajaCraft Little Gem like Marie’s. Sheila speaks highly of it and likes its compact nature and the fact it is easy to transport. She also likes the treadle action. She had a box of carded alpaca she was spinning. Looks lovely!

Our wheels

MajaCraft Little Gem

Marie’s wheel is a Majacraft Little Gem which is light and compact and suits her lifestyle. MajaCraft is a New Zealand brand of wheel. Marie loves her wheel and speaks very highly of it. What we notice is how fast her feet can go on the treadle action. Great ankle exercise! Marie has been spinning baby alpaca fleece for a while now so something big is being planned which we are looking forward to seeing. Baby alpaca fleece is extremely soft and creates a very fine yarn.