Sock knitting machine

We all need one of these!! There are newer ones available but we have no information as to whether they are good or not . They would be fun. We love our knitted socks. Alan put this Russian video up on our Facebook page showing how to use an old fashion sock knitting machine. It is clever! Enjoy your Sunday viewing and unless you speak Russian you can just look and learn.


AddiCrasyTrio sock needles

addi crasytrioChristine had got her AddiCrasyTrio from knitspinweave run by Tracy Henwood , one of our fibre artists, in the Clare Valley. The Clare Valley is one of the beautiful food and wine  areas of South Australia. Christine had loved the German sock needles ( Strickspiel) she had got at the Bendigo Sheep and Wool show and showed us how great they were a couple of weeks ago. They had helped her to be a better sock knitter. These addi needles, though, had improved on that and Christine was so delighted to be able to show us how easy it was to knit socks on them . We had fun pronouncing all the German and Maria, born in Germany,  was probably sitting there fainting at our efforts but you have to start somewhere with language learning and if it’s to do with yarn, we’ll learn!


alpaca spun yarnChristine loves these needles and how they make knitting so easy. Dana Gervais reviews them here. The handspun alpaca is making beautiful socks with beautiful colours and the addi needles are making Christine a happy sock knitter. As with anything, if you find the right tools for yourself , you really improve your chances of success and satisfaction.

Knit socks on straight needles


Knit your socks on straight (book title)

Image : Knit your socks on straight

Pam had a beautiful sock with spring colours in blue, green and white on her needs but she was knitting her sock on straight needles! Where were the round needles? Where were the dpns? How could you knit socks on straight needles? It looked  lovely and was going to have a crochet join at the side which would give it some style and add to the overall aesthetics of what was already a really nice sock. Pam recommended the book featured in the post and said there were some really great patterns in it. The video above takes a while to watch but it takes you through the whole process of knitting socks on straight needles. Now we can all knit socks!