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September last year we joined WordPress and social media. We haven’t looked back. It has been a heartwarming, interesting journey where we have connected with others and they have connected with us. September this year we actually got ourselves into an online for textiles. They are like online magazines and it was nice to see us there. paperli

We also did very well  in September on the Twitter analytics with 2 700 impressions of our tweets from this blog and one of the recent successes was the textile picture by Marjorie and Christine. Twitter has also liked our blankets, gloves and gallery visits.

Twitter analytics September 2018

Twitter October 2018

We have always been welcome on Instagram and get good interaction from our followers and people who find us. Instagram liked Janette’s shawl and woven scarves, Alexis blue crochet blanket, the textile picture is going extremely well , Hilary’s jacket was a big success and then spinning from Karin and  Margaret. Instagram likes whatever we do and then there ware waves of enthusiasm about something we have put up or other things will become popular again because they are there and people find out account. It’s a good way to interact with others and see the value of what we do.

Instagram October 2018

As for the blog itself,  we currently have 166 followers and have had 5,950 visits form all over the world. We are starting to get visitors from Asia and Africa more often now.

referrers September 2018Our links continue to be of interest to people and our posts are of value so we get good support from WordPress reader , as always, and our search engine responses have increased considerably. We then have a number of other solid ways of getting visitors to our blog and finally, finally people are coming from Twitter.






posts and pages september 2018Our posts for September brought in good traffic and were popular. After a year in cyberspace we can feel pleased with ourselves. People like us because we are passionate about what we do and we like doing what we do. We share and they share back. That’s a nice way to be. The post about Anne and Bill really struck a chord because it was about overcoming adversity and then people were really happy for us because we’d been a year on our blog. That’s nice!







Blog stats

June posts

It is good to look at the stats from time to time and see how we are going. This month we have had some changes and they are interesting. We are ever grateful to the 142 follows and the visitors which have allowed us to have 4665 hits to our blog so far. There are people who regularly like our posts and comment and it’s good! In June the popular posts were about winter things. Most visitors come from Australia so that is not surprising at this time of year. Margaret’s sheep cushion was a big hit and Karin’s 10 stitch blanket. Our show and tell is always popular.


July postsIn July the posts changed quite a bit but the Australian Spinning Wheels post is , and  has remained, a very popular post. Again show and tell is popular and the fingerless gloves have been shown to be something people like as well. People like and respond to our posts on colour and use of colour.




countries julyWe have had a bit of a change in our countries with a lot of visitors from Turkey this month. That has probably come from our Instagram account. We are also picking up visitors form the Ukraine too and that is probably from Instagram too. We are getting more visitors and they are coming from all over the world. This list is not he complete list. Just the top countries.





referrers JulyOur referrers now includes Pinterest as of this month. That’s a big breakthrough and really pleasing. We have also increased referrals from Google Plus. Anyone with gmail will have a Google Plus account and can share posts and ideas on that. Pinterest has sent us more visitors this month than Instagram so that’s really interesting. It is also good to see the search engines are really working for us now.






Search termsSearch terms which bring us here are a bit of an odd list but then there are things you’d hope for and expect. All those numbers and letters got someone to our blog? Oh, okay. The fact normal things have got people here is a relief after that. There are a lot of search terms WordPress can’t identify. That is not unusual.




Twitter July

Twitter hasn’t changed much but we are doing okay and holding our own. We are getting plenty of retweets of our things and that is a change now. People like what we do. Twitter has a hard time with sheep and woolly wonders.

Instagram July

Instagram is going really well. Our images are popular, we get comments and engagement and we are liked and respected. Our followers keep coming. The fingerless gloves have been really popular and our things with detail, colour and style. We put up a little video of Sheila’s counting beads for rows and stitches. It got 83 hits. That was an experiment done right! Our followers just like what we do and that’s good.

So it’s been an informative couple of months and all is going well.





Blog stats

There is no explaining the world. Our biggest number of impressions on Twitter since the last blog stats update in January is the post on the last blog stats update on January 12th. Exactly what you’d expect on a spinners’ and weavers’ Twitter account: well over 200 views on a post about blog stats. Even though that is somewhat bizarre, the rest of the information about our blog stats is extremely positive.

It was a shock to discover WordPress had reset all our stats to 0 at the beginning of this year. We had only started our blog in September 2017. As it turned out, we just ignored it and got on with our dyeing workshop , our carding workshop  which led into natural dyeing and then our oddments projects inspired by Marjorie’s socks . When we felt  a need to cheer up we made more tiny teddies for Sonya’s call to action. We didn’t have time to worry about blog stats because we were too busy being creative, filling our  lives with colour and upskilling ourselves.

@seafordSAWWe have increased our followers on Twitter and we get likes and retweets on there now which is nice. Sheila’s alpaca vest and Marjorie’s oddment socks got over a hundred impressions each. Other tweets which got over 80 or 90 impressions were Maria’s epic ball of yarn, our drum carding workshop, the Teenie Tiny Teddies pattern and then, yes, the blog stats from January got over 200 impressions.

Instagram account

We have strengthened our position on Instagram considerably. The account always goes well and we get likes as soon as the pictures go up. Hilary’s red, green and white spun yarn has done really well as did Margaret’s grey, cable jumper, Marina’s beanie with the epic pom pom, Christine’s baby shawl and Margaret’s spun yarn from Suzie Horn’s bits. All our images get a respectable number of likes but Wendy’s blue fan and feather scarf stood out in the crowd this year and has become one of the top images on our Instagram account. We collect likes every day for images old and new so this year’s “best of” is going to be interesting. Instagram likes big and bold at the moment and things with a sense of fun but it also values the expertise of someone like Wendy.

postsandpages Mar2018We have had over 2000 hits on our blog now and over 90 followers. One of them, yarn and pencil reblogged posts this year and we gained quite a bit of traffic from that via her blog. We thank her for her strong support . We have a number of strong supporters who comment, like and encourage us on a regular basis. We thank them. We have had so many likes this year. It started with the post on banana fibre silk and just hasn’t stopped. Sonya’s porridge post picked up hits very quickly and then Wendy’s cream poncho with the fan and feather scarf and cowl is currently our top post. The information on natural dyeing was quickly very popular and has been valued and the good thing is all our posts are appreciated like our tiny teddies. It is always interesting to see which ones do well. Maria’s epic ball of yarn and her creative project with it has been popular across Twitter, Instagram and on our blog. It is good her sense of humour has appealed to everyone.  You can also see below that the links we provide in our posts are followed up and used. That is really good to know and it’s nice to know people go from our blog to our Instagram account.




We have built up our list of countries visiting our blog again because it looked tragic at the beginning of the year when our stats were reset. It now is looking like last year and it probably means people got back to us quickly.















The best news is we are now getting a lot of direct hits from search engines. It means we are becoming more visible and we are providing the sorts of information people want to find. It also means we have improved the search engine optimisation . Our decisions have been good ones. Our Facebook account is also bringing us significant traffic even though the account itself is nowhere near as active as Instagram or Twitter. It’ is acting as a portal to this blog and that’s a good function of our Facebook page. It means people can find us.

So, after two months , we have not only made up the lost ground , we have improved our position and we have had some good interaction with others courtesy of our cyber spinning.



Blog Stats

search termsWe still get a lot of traffic coming to look at our blog stats posts. At this stage we are grateful for the views even if we don’t understand the motivation of those coming to view stats on a yarn arts and crafts site. The fact this is of interest means we are influencing something. We just don’t know what! We are also being found and looked up on search engines so that’s a sign we have made it as a credible blog, even if people are looking up cordless mug warmers and finding us.


nine best of on Instagram

We can prove the point about Instagram we made last week. This week our nine best of pictures are slightly different. The sheep beanie has been a bit of a hit on Instagram and on the blog. The Instagram pictures show that Fair Isle is king on our account. All our images are well received on Instagram and we now have 211 followers which is impressive since we only started that account at the end of September. People catch up on Instagram when they feel like it and so the numbers are never static. They change from week to week and people will find your account and then like a lot of things on it as they have done on ours.

Best ostsApart from all the traffic coming to see us about our blog stats, it was good to see what is in our top posts. Sonya’s Little Love Story was an instant hit and brought us plenty of traffic. Our Equipment Day post brings us regular traffic as does the Australian Spinning Wheels post. We do make good spinning wheels in Australia. We need to remind ourselves of that. Visitors have always appreciated our blankets and berets so they bring us traffic and knowing our spinning skills can produce something as vital as the Bolivian women spinning heart occluders for hole in the heart babies and children is testament to how much we need to grow and keep these skills alive.



Our countries list is so long now , it no longer fits in one frame. There are 10 other countries besides the ones in the image. It means we are gradually getting around the world with our blog! Most of our traffic is from Australia and it has always been like that. Making a local impression is important to us as we operate and influence locally as a group. Our other big traffic continues to be from UK and USA. Bit by bit, though, we are gaining more and more followers from each country which connects with this blog.














We still get most of our traffic referred by the WordPress reader. It’s now good to see we have impacted on search engines and the search engine optimisation decisions for the blog are working. Search engines are now our second biggest referrer. That is a good change. Twitter and Instagram are bringing us more traffic and Google + has now woken up and noticed us which is really good. We thank YarnandPencil for all her continued support and the good impact she is having on our blog. We are starting to be properly connected with other good blogs and sites which is good news.


Clicks on blog


We are a self help, self directed group. We help and inspire each other. Our blog ought to reflect that strong feature of our group. It is so good to see that the links and recommendations on our blog are being useful and helpful to others to keep them positive, creative and inspired yarn and textile artists.





Twitter December17

Twitter has been growing quietly and well. We have doubled our followers quite quickly so we are now getting traction. Textile arts and crafts are starting to make inroads into Twitter. Our posts will regularly get 30-50 impressions or more, usually. Then we have recent posts like Pam’s Snowman and Jan’s knitted bowl which have received well over a 100 impressions. It will be hard to beat Christine’s yarn art which got over 200 impressions but all our posts are doing well on Twitter which means we have gathered some credible textile artists, serious yarn crafters and sheep people around our account on Twitter. For Twitter , the hashtags are really important and then finding the people who are likely to want to follow us.

Today our blog has had 1149 hits and has 64 followers. This is all really encouraging because the blog has never looked back.  We have some really good followers and we are part of a very positive impact on the internet.  What started as a wish to to see what happened if we  connected is now a reality.