Homespun shawl

homespun shawlJanette had a clever idea. She had spun wool left over from her rainbow jumper so she decided to knit a shawl. As she was trying it on she realised it would look nice , and a bit different , if it had a collar. It would also protect better against the drafts and wind around your neck. So here it is! Guaranteed to be your best friend on a cold day.

Show and Tell


show and tell August 6th

The weather was really cold, wet and windy so the show and tell table, and the lovely colours we found there , really cheered us up.

Cathy: Baby unicorn pram blanket in dark pink, purple, blue, green and bright pink.

Janette: Spun wool in the now famous Tomato colour and off white.

Alexis : Knitted shawl in natural ย colour and hand dyed alpaca. Bright beanie in commercial wool in moss stitch and stocking stitch in yellow, blue, dark red, orange and lavender.

ย Hilary : $2 acrylic yarn which has made a pair of fingerless gloves and a beanie in single rib. Yellows, oranges, pinks , greens and blues.ย 

Hilary also brought in the Thank You Flyer form the Cancer Council for the $150 we raised at our biggest morning tea while we were travelling spinburies. She also brought in a book and some magazines for us to have.


Crescent Shawl

crescent shawlChristine was knitting a crescent shawl this week. The photos do not do the colour and pattern justice. Christine has her stitch markers in because she is working out the increases in the pattern and there is some lacework in this shawl. The colour is a deep russet colour and just beautiful. Why a crescent shawl? It can be used to keep away drafts. It can be used as an accessory to style an outfit. It can be used on a really cold day more like a scarf. There is the warmth there but also the option to wear it in different ways. Christine is using some spun wool which someone else made even though she is perfectly capable of spinning her own wool. It is nice to support others.



homespun woolThe wool has been spun so evenly and dyed so well that it looks like commercial wool and that is no insult to the creator of this yarn. It is just so beautifully even. We are looking forward to seeing the finished shawl. The video talks you through a nice shawl and you can find Marly Bird’s pattern here. There is also a nice crescent shawl here on