Unusual fibres

It was Christine and Margaret who got us all enthusiastic about rare breeds and unusual fibres because they had seen them at the Bendigo Wool and Sheep Show this year. Margaret has been spinning different breeds and fibres she bought. It was good , then, that we could visit the rare breeds and fibres shop at Salisbury when we were out for Equipment Day. We really enjoyed having a chance to look at and feel the fibres and fleeces advertised on their site.

Janette has been spinning the camel and silk fibre. It’s like iced coffee in colour and so soft. There’s a nice sheen to it too. There was some lovely llama fibre (right) she had purchased too which is the colour of milk chocolate and also very soft. These fibres are good to spin but also make a change because  while you are spinning you are thinking about how you will use them. They encourage your creative thinking because of the look and texture. We are all still wondering what we shall do with the rose fibre a number of us bought…it will happen!


Equipment Day

Equipment Day was a huge success and this won’t be the only post! We started at 9am and got back home at 5pm. Such a big day but all inspiring , energising and just plain fun. We spent over 3 hours in the mini bus going from the southern suburbs to the hills and then from the hills to the northern suburbs and then from there back down to the ocean. It was beautifully sunny over the ocean when we got back and so good to see.

Adelaide Hills spinning group gave us a warm welcome and Pauline gave us an official welcome later in the morning. It is so civilised to be greeted by china cups and saucers and some nice morning tea delights. Lunch was thoughtfully planned too. In the middle we did our chatting, looking around and buying. We got plenty of goodies and we even won raffle prizes this year which really added to our enjoyment  of the day.

On the long, but pleasant , bus trips 3 of us were using the time to get some knitting done. Cathy finished her fluffy , puffy, pastel beanie and the group decision was to put on a pompom. Sonya got her knitted slippers from Hilary’s pattern well underway. Margaret was working on her 10 stitch blanket and was enjoying it until the bumpy ride started to make the stitches slide off her needles. That meant she was forced to talk and talk and talk like the rest of us. We didn’t stop talking and shared so many ideas.

The trip out to handcrafted gifts for the rare and natural fibres was well worth it. We had a warm and homely welcome. Some of us purchased the rose fibre (made from roses) and the camelhair mixed with silk. Others got Shetland wool and basically we were thrilled to bits with the textures, colours and range of choices….and the cat!

All in all , it was a very worthwhile day so we’ll blog different aspects of it as we go along.