Show and tell

show and tell 8th April

Marjorie: a very colourful beret.

Jan 1: a beanie in autumn colours

Marina :1. Spun ball of purple/multi coloured tops, 1. Ball of dark brown spun with orange/pinks, a cotton knitted/crotched square.

Marina also purchased 2 small toys from the hospital craft shop.

Hilary: a lime green beanie in cable stitch

Sheila: a baby quilt for her new 10 week old granddaughter & a nursing apron for her daughter-in-law.

Peter: working on his ruck sack

John: working on his second strap for his shopping bag.

The ocean looked stunning but it was very blowy down on the beach front. it was lucky we were inside with all our chat and ideas. We could value the great view without getting blown away.

Christies Beach South Australia


Colour your life

We are surrounded by beautiful colours in our group. They inspire us, make us talk and then we love seeing what people do with the colours they create. Sheila’s Anzac Day quilt top had such an impact in the room because of the richness of its colours. Jan’s blue and turquoise skein cheered us all up because they are Jan’s signature colours and we know she loves them. That eye popping carded wool of Hilary’s had becomeause an equally eyepopping green skein of wool that she’d spun. Such a striking colour. Christine’s hats were perfect. It is hard to work with green. This wasn’t sage she’d spun or olive. It was   a lovely soft green colour which had no overwhelming impact. It was soothing and so very suitable for garments and the little beanies looked so nice. Then Alexis often brings along amazing hand dyed wool batts and the colourways always make us enthusiastic and it is the colour of these which inspire us to do good things. Colour is everything.

Rosewin’s Home and Garden Journal

Rosewin is a member of the Adelaide Hills Spinners and Weavers. That is the group which hosted us for their Equipment Day and where we have some good connections. Hers is a lovely blog and there is a post about her joining the group and how she felt about it. She uses a Ron Doley wheel and spins some beautiful colours . Her blog is really worth a look:

rosewin'shome and garden journal




Rosewin’s Home and Garden Journal