We do like to be beside the seaside

Christies Beach sailing clubWe like spinning there too and there is no doubt about it. The energy levels had a noticeable life yesterday because we were finally back with our ocean views where we could weather  and people watch as we were spinning. The sea air, the view and the sense of freedom make us feel very creative. We had fun and there was so much life and inspiration which you’ll see over coming posts.






electronic spinnerChristine was so excited to be back in the sailing club she colour co ordinated her dress (top left) to Alexis’ cascades of Pantone 2018 ultra violet  hand dyed wool batts. Then there was Alexis’ Pantone 2017 fresh green lunch box and her lovely Schiaparelli pink jumper. We were in fine form and the colour and productive conversations were uplifting. We did not stop talking.