Tasmanian Devils

Alan has patiently worked on this Tasmanian Devils picture over a number of weeks. We have watched it change and develop and we saw each of the devils being created. We were surprised and delighted with how the finished picture looked. A lot of thought has gone into the creation and presentation of these devils. They are needlefelted so it is a lot of painstaking work. Well worth it.

Felting inspiration

Alan can do wet felting and needle felting and has helped others to learn these two forms of felting too. He brought along the lovely poppies picture he had wet felted because it was Remembrance Day when we had our meeting this week. It’s classic , simple lines are what impress. Less is more and it makes a statement in a very clear way. Just lovely.

His Tasmanian Devils are needlefelted and finished now. He has made three of them to frame as one picture and it will look good. Something a bit different and destined to be a gift. He is able to use oddments from his wool tops to make these pictures. He spins as well so the fibre and wool are all used creatively. Takes a lot of patience to needlefelt and a lot of stabbing!

Show and Tell

It was a beautiful day at the beach front . 26 degrees and not windy like it was further  back towards the hills. We had a very chatty, creative day.

Show and Tell

Alan: a very dramatic picture of the poppies on a plain white canvas, 3 needle felted Tassie devils.
Jan H: 3 very handsome crocheted snails.
John: finished throw rug.  Very impressive.
Maria: a hand spun knitted cap in natural white.
Debbie: has finished another woven basket.
Hilary: a  delightful child’s pixie hat from the left over spun tops.

christies beach nov 11 2019

Needle felted poodle

We have watched Alan needle felt this poodle picture from the first piece of fibre. It has been an interesting , creative journey. Alan  put a lot of thought into how he was going to create the poodle. He has used an unusual fibres mix for the body . He had to think about the face and features. One of the things Alan does is get our input and then feedback online. That’s something we can all do these days: put our things online and garner peer review and support. For him , it was all helpful and so he could finish this lovely picture very confidently.