The Felting Ewe

Brenda, from The Felting Ewe is someone we like to keep in regular contact with. We like to support local and ordinarily we visit her on Equipment Day which is our annual visit in November to the Adelaide Hills Spinning Group. Last year was no ordinary year and we were all set to go and there was a sudden and swift lockdown in Adelaide. Better safe than sorry, health first and keep ourselves safe. The lockdown worked but we were sad not to have had our visit. With the easing of restrictions we decided to invite her to the club. We were not disappointed. All those lovely colours of hers. All the colourways. All the fibres and ideas. It was just so satisfying to feast our eyes on all these things. As soon as you look at Brenda’s colours you want to make things and the coloured plaits can be supported by the solid colours and additional fibres so that you can make something really interesting. Hopefully we shall be able to see her again in November this year. Meanwhile, we have had a really good colour fix and thank Brenda for taking the time to visit us.

Seeing double

I am sure I didn’t ply two cakes of yarn! Both Cathy and Sheila O thought they’d had brain fade and somehow magically plied two cakes of yarn. Twin cakes of such similar colours they are so confusing! The yarn was spun quite differently. The photo shows how Sheila arrived at her yarn by plying two strands of different colours. Cathy had spun a wool plait which Alexis had dyed and then plied it with some English Leicester she had dyed with Earth Palette cold dye. And there you have it! Great minds think alike but the process is different for each individual. Cathy’s is on the left and Sheila O’s ,with a bit more pink is, on the right.

Lovely jumpers

Our winter is done. We are still having some cold days at the moment so a jumper is always handy and if you are the outdoor type, it is an essential. Homespun jumpers are very warm, cosy and good protection again the elements.

We have seen some lovely jumpers lately. Karin brought in the soft green and grey cable one she had been working on. It is a classic style and knitted so well. Janette’s jumper is brighter in colour choice but it is soft and warm and reflects the colours we see in our area , particularly at the beach front. Christine was knitting a big grey man’s jumper. She needed to know it was coming along properly in its shaping so John very kindly offered to be her live model so people in the club could see the jumper and offer comment or suggestions for perfect shaping. We loved this jumper. Classic style.

man's jumper

Colour your life

One of the things sorely missed as we stayed home to keep ourselves and others safe was all that colour input from meetings. We are saturated, in a nice way, with colour. Each meeting is a colourfest and a feast of colour. It makes you think. It gives you a chance to absorb colour combinations. It inspires. This week was no different.

Either side at the top are the merino tops Alexis was spinning. You look at the colours before she spun  and then how they have changed with the spinning. They will change again with plying. Middle top is Jan B’s black alpaca plied with sparkle fibre. Such a cool yarn with a striking visual impact. Bottom left is Jeanette’s peaches and cream spun yarn. Soft colours and soft feel. Next is Margaret’s jumper she was wearing showing that natural fleece colours can make a bold statement if you want them to. Lastly, to the right, is Alan’s spinning: suri alpaca and then a bobbin of silk. Clear, natural colour and a very strong yarn.