Lace knitting

Wendy’s feather and fan scarf is wonderful. She spun  the camel hair and silk fibre and then knitted the scarf in feather and fan stitch. Wendy loves fine spinning. It is something which makes her very happy and she has a passion for lace knitting. This scarf accents the camel hair more than the silk because of how it is spun. It is two ply! So fine. The scarf drapes beautifully and the colour would tone in with any outfit. Understated elegance with this beautiful scarf.

Show and tell

It wasn’t warm. It wasn’t cold either. Bit of an odd day but it was good to look out over the ocean and inside the club rooms there were so many conversations, discussions and ideas which kept us very cheerful and enthused.  It was good to see so much colour.

Show and tell

Janette: a pair of very colourful slippers, a jumper to match in colourful stripes and a ball of spun wool in similar colours.

Margaret: ribbed beanie in mohair dyed with variegated dark red.

Jan (2): 4 spun skeins,1 beautiful white silky fibre made from OPTIM™ fibres , a CSIRO project, 2 natural light grey wool/rabbit, 1 natural light grey 100% alpaca.

Christine: a small shaped scarf crochet in pale mauve.

Cathy :2 spun wool balls 1 dark green Alexis’ tops, 1 grey with coloured flecks made from Alexis’ dyed alpaca fleece.

Marjorie: a jacket in turquoise blue with various coloured short stripes.

Wendy :a beautiful finely spun scarf in pale fawn baby camel/silk in a feather & fan design.

Peter: latest project on the loom.

Knitted lace scarves

Maria and Wendy both had finely knitted lace scarves today. The fine yarn gives a different effect from thicker yarns. Maria’s is commercial alpaca and knitted in garter stitch with one row of holes. Wendy’s is her own spun camel hair and silk knitted in feather and fan stitch. The fineness of the yarn adds to the elegance of the look. It is important to play with texture to get the desired visual effect.

There are 18 free  easyknit lace scarf patterns on allfreeknitting. Try the different patterns with different wool/yarn weights and you will see the difference in effect.

The photos are not as perfect as they could be because people just wanted to feel these scarves. The scarves were never still! They are soft and beautiful to look at and people just want to see what they are like and then because they are so fine they move and people like to feel them in their hands. That tactile experience  of yarn is something we should never lose.

Show and tell

show and tell table

Some interesting things on our table this week which were a bit out of the ordinary.

Alexis: a huge beautiful hand knitted & crocheted felted bag large enough for a whole fleece.
Janette: crocheted a knee rug from oddments of various colours.
Marina: a cable patterned beanie knitted sideways in wool/alpaca orange/brown tones.
Jan (1) :pale pink spun skein wool tops.
Wendy: a beautifully finely spun lacy scarf from the dying workshop in a pale mauve colour.
John’s finished woven table runner for his caravan table.
Jan (3):crocheted frills on the bottom of her ¾ shorts. Very effective.
John & Marina with John’s help warp up some inkle looms to make shoe laces.

warping inkle loom