Shaping sock toe

Maria's sock
Maria’s sock

As well as finding our different ways to get the ten stitch blanket up and running we are also looking at how to make neat sock toes. Decreasing until you end up knitting two stitches together across the toe is not a particularly neat finish. You can also do , as you do with beanies, knit 6 stitches , knit 2 together, knit 6…blah blah and then knit one row inbetween then 5 stitches knit two together and you can draw a thread through the unknitted stitches at the end.

Maria can probably knits socks in her sleep and she always gets neat toes. Marjorie is the same. They just go on automatic when they knit socks and all their socks look good. Some of us are not practised sock knitters so all the tips help. Maria got back to her socks this week. She has been doing other things for a break and has now finished one sock and is ready to do the other. We liked how the yarn was making its own pattern and how interesting that was. Maria can do any sort of sock heel and toe.

This video shoes you a sock toe which is very neat.