Keep warm

Two different looks by way of winter wear but both so warm and cosy! We loved them both for different reasons and we agreed they both had style. Alexis had spun the wool and knitted the beautiful ocean coloured jumper on the left. It is different and so beautifully made. The ocean colours are a good choice for winter. They are cheering without being overwhelming and this jumper could be dressed up or down and accessorised to give it a number of stylish looks. You could just put it on with jeans , though, and really feel like you are both warm and well dressed.

Marina knitted a zipper waistcoat in wool she had spun from dark fleece. The natural colour changes shades and adds visual interest. The cables are what makes this waistcoat attractive. It is soft, warm and very functional. She made a little scarf to go with it and then made a beaded pin to fasten it. It just looks lovely and has that country feel about it. Handspun wool is warmer than commercial wool and so it is well worth the effort to make garments like these.

Our ideas

knitted waistcoatMuch of what goes on in our group is ideas. Ideas for colour, for patterns, for yarn, for projects, for community , for individuals, for fixing. We do a lot of trouble shooting and we like to promote interest and enthusiasm in yarn arts and crafts. Marina had brought along a waistcoat she had to show us how some simple embellishments and the use of colour could make something which is different and special. Some of the embellishments have nylon which is filled with fibre and the others are embroidered in wool. The crochet edge to the waistcoat really gives it a lift.



crochet dishclothsMarina also brought along some crochet cotton dishcloths. They are far superior to anything you buy, are environmentally friendly and last! They are just easy and very functional. Nice stocking fillers! They are more hygienic than anything else you use. You need cotton or a cotton/acrylic blend so that they are absorbent but that also makes them easy care and easy wash and they wouldn’t be adding to the washing load. They would be a good way to practise new patterns before you try your main project with that pattern! There are some good free patterns on allfreeknittingFavecrafts discusses the best yarns to  use. Frugalandthriving looks at the benefits of knitted dishcloths from a personal and environmental point of view.

Knitted waistcoat

knitted waistcoatNow we know what all those soft colours were about that Janette was spinning. The combination of colours in the waistcoat is very fetching and suit the garment well. The waistcoat would fit a man or a woman and the colours are the sort you can dress up or down. Soft autumn colours and an air of the country and forests. The wooden buttons were well chosen because they add to the rural feel. We then had big conversation about wooden buttons and how you can make them yourself. We’ll have to do another post about that. Instagram likes this waistcoat too. It’s all about the colours.