Knitted vest

knitted vestA warm knitted vest like this is the best thing in winter. It can be worn under a jacket, if necessary, and really protects against the cold. Marjorie spun the wool for this and it is all natural colour and then she knitted it. It has a country look and would just as nice with a skirt as pants and a warm scarf would complete the outfit. We likes it because it was so soft. We don’t like scratchy wool and we don’t like the feel of harsh fibres which is why we often spin alpaca. Spinning the wool means you can select the right fleece so you get a really soft texture into the wool you spin. Marjorie’s vest is a classic piece and we loved it.

Lots of knitting

Plenty of knitting going on at the moment. Marina has finally settled on a good way of making her 10 stitch blanket . She has worked at finding the best way of doing it for her and the result now is a lovely blanket which is growing each week. Meryl’s blue best is expertly knitted and is very neat. It is soft and drapes and the back had some interesting Aran effect knitting so it’s a very stylish vest. Sonya’s slippers, based on Hilary’s pattern are coming along and are so cheerful and colourful. Jan’s cream slouch beanie looks good. We tried it with her felted purple hat and that made a visually interesting impact on the hat which really dressed it up. It’s a good hat because you can style it. Think the knitting needles are still out because our weather has been very erratic and we have hat a lot of cold , windy and wet days which stop us form easily being outside as we normally are at this time of the year.

Works in progress

grey cable beaniegrey knitted vesttwo colour beanie

We always have works in progress. There can never be enough yarn or project ideas. The grey beanie Maria was making last week would go very nicely with the grey vest Margaret was making while she wasn’t well last week. Maria just makes up her beanies as she goes along. She is an experienced, confident knitter. She casts on the stitches and hen knits what she thinks will look good. The grey beanie is her homespun English Leicester and is cabled. Margaret’s vest is her own homespun  merino /mohair mix and feels very soft. The cabling gives a lift to the dove grey of the wool . The garment is going to be lightweight but warm and looks beautiful.  This week Maria was knitting a two coloured beanie and the pink and lavender colours are very attractive and are offset well by the white. Maria had spun the merino she was using for the beanie . Instagram is loving that beanie!