Fun with children

20190318_115302We featured Maria’s classic , one piece child’s jumper last week. This week she brought along the toys she had knitted and crocheted for the jumper. It is turning something simple into such a fun event for a child. Maria has made an occasion of her little jumper because she has take the time to create some little characters to go with the jumper. Children should have fun! Anything can be an event! it takes a bit of time and imagination. We all loved the little toys and each of us had our favourite. We wonder what yours is.


Instagram best 9 for 2018

Instagram best nine 2018

Instagram obviously likes blues and greys this year and Wendy’s feather and fan scarves from her homespun wool were clearly a favourite. Then comes Margaret’s chicken for the chicken challenge. On the second row is Janette’s homespun hat with the gathered top, then Marina’s striped beanie and Maria’s socks. On the bottom row Margaret’s Aran knitting which has done well since it was a recent addition to our photos. In the middle at the bottom is Marjorie’s reversible man’s jumper which was so warm and clever. Last, but by no means least , are Christine’s knitted koala and knitted sheep . Interesting that it is all knitting this year.  All that and more this year. We have done well!!