Just get your needles out and knit

layetteDoreen is 88 years old and comes to our group with Sonya. She sits and knits and shares her ideas and thoughts with us. She is very modest so it is nice she let us put her knitting up on our blog. Doreen says she can’t knit like she used to but she likes to knit and she wants everyone to know , young and old, that you just get your needles out and knit. She says not to think about it. Just get the needles and wool and start knitting and it doesn’t matter if you are new to knitting or an experienced knitter. Don’t hesitate. Knit!


layetteYou can see from the pictures that Doreen makes beautiful things and knits very neatly. She has made a layette for someone and the soft colours and simplicity of an uncomplicated design are what make the layette so beautiful. She is now knitting herself a very long scarf in lavender because she wants it to wrap around her neck well to keep her warm. Doreen is living proof of the benefits of knitting and she is a great advocate for it. So don’t sit there thinking whether you should knit or what to knit …just get those needles and wool…knitted scarf

Our knitting

our knittingCathy made a round , fair isle bag from the sparkle fibre she had spun from Kathy’s fibres. It is mixed in with merino wool from Felting Ewe, ram’s wool and alpaca fleece. The bottom is crocheted and the sides were knitted on round needles. It matches Jan’s homespun beret and scarf really nicely! Jan had also knitted two more sets of matching beret and scarf from homespun merino wool. They look stylish but they are also very warm and squishy. There is no need to be cold!

Our knitting

knitted jacketOur show and tell table had some nice knitted things. Cathy had spun the wool to make a panel jacket form the Butter Fly Stitch Jacket in a Better Homes and Gardens supplement.  She had used merino tops from The Felting Ewe and then some dark ram’s wool and dark alpaca. She knitted a bottom band onto the jacket because she didn’t like it without it.  Janette has been spinning soft colours with her wool and came up with a lovely scarf and a beautiful beret with the added touch of some little orange buttons. That’s how to keep warm in winter!

beret and scarf

Show and tell

show and tellOur show and tell table had some pretty impressive home made items on it this week for us to all appreciate and enjoy.

Cathy made a lovely colourful sleeveless vest

Marina had learned how to make a fidget muff with lots of patterns, motifs & beads

Alexis  shared 3 skeins of pastel dyed wool

Janette  had knitted a scarf & beanie to match with orange flower button on it in spring colours

Jan had created a fluted felt bowl in purple/blue, a tall vase red/blue, a ridged bowl in turquoise, & several necklaces of felted beads in various colours