Lots of knitting

Plenty of knitting going on at the moment. Marina has finally settled on a good way of making her 10 stitch blanket . She has worked at finding the best way of doing it for her and the result now is a lovely blanket which is growing each week. Meryl’s blue best is expertly knitted and is very neat. It is soft and drapes and the back had some interesting Aran effect knitting so it’s a very stylish vest. Sonya’s slippers, based on Hilary’s pattern are coming along and are so cheerful and colourful. Jan’s cream slouch beanie looks good. We tried it with her felted purple hat and that made a visually interesting impact on the hat which really dressed it up. It’s a good hat because you can style it. Think the knitting needles are still out because our weather has been very erratic and we have hat a lot of cold , windy and wet days which stop us form easily being outside as we normally are at this time of the year.


Show and Tell

show and tell

Show and Tell was a bit light on but we felt no shame. Our table has been laden with superb hand made and handspun goodies these last few weeks and we have had an awesome year! We are also back into making the bigger projects again which require a lot of spinning and then making time.

Margaret: The graph knitting book she had got at Equipment Day .

Cathy: Cake of dyed handspun wool in oranges and fawns made from one strand of Brenda Coulter’s dyed plait and a strand of dyed polwarth fleece (pinkish and dark yellow) mixed with magenta banana fibre silk.

Janette: Bay leaves which can be used for cooking or protecting stored wool.

Marina: Flat top , knitted hat in dark grey. Fluorescent green hand knitted socks.

Benefits of blogging

One of the real benefits of running a group blog is that members of the group can still belong and participate whether they are physically attending the group or not. In our group different people go off for different reasons and so the blog keeps them in touch with us and what we are doing in their absence. We can also stay in touch with them. It’s good to hear from our members. Marina and her husband Peter are currently in New South Wales and Marina has sent us some show and tell for us to see.

sheep shearingOn the way over to NSW  outside Hay they stopped for a meal and found this wonderful photo of our sheep shearing history.





Turkish drop spindleChristine had been helping Marina get better at drop spinning on her new Turkish spindle so she has taken that with her because it was easy to pack and didn’t take up much room. She’s getting in some practice.

Marina's shrug







Marina likes making shrugs. She has knitted a blue one with pink and turquoise highlights and it looks really good.

Homespun knitted hat

Her knitted hat took 100gms of hand spun wool , an hour and ten minutes and size ten needles. A really effective quick knit!


Country style

knitted ponchoJanette specialises in spinning colours which reflect the natural environment. Everything she makes reminds you of forests, trees, nature,mountains,  the sky, oceans. Her projects are always well made and are durable. They will last forever and keep you warm. Her poncho is more like a shawl because it is soft and drapes and it would keep you so warm. She has actually added a flower to the front and it has lifted the garment up in terms of style.







knitted beanieWe were taken with the beanie. Janette is perfectly capably of knitting a beanie with a top where the stitches are all even and which sits properly. The thing is, though, not everyone can do that and then they get frustrated. There are very skilled people in this group, like Janette, who will come in and show you a way of doing things so that you can get on with creating something really nice without all the worry of being perfectly perfect. Her beanie is knitted straight and then gathered at the top and she had secured that with a button which has that nice country look. The beanie is warm and sits nicely on your head. We are looking forward to seeing what she will be making with her cakes of spun wool.