Child’s cowl

You always need easy and quick projects but you want them to be useful. One good thing to make is a child’s cowl. If it has buttons, like this one, you can adjust it better to fit the child. Children need to be protected from cold , damp air so they don’t get respiratory problems and a cowl is a better option than a scarf which they might lose or take off when they are little. Teamed with a nice beanie it is a perfect winter accessory.

There is a little , crochet toddler cowl here on 5 little monsters .


Mobius cowl

mobius cowlMarjorie brought along her mobius cowl for show and tell this week. She had spun the wool so the colours are unusual and a really colour good combination. A mobius cowl sits nicely at the neckline and adds warmth and interest to an outfit. It can also fit over your head to protect you from wind and rain. Spun fleece has a certain amount of waterproofing capability which is good in winter weather.

There is a free pattern on Ravelry  for an Easy Mobius Cowl by Haley Waxberg and you could double the amount of stitches to make a longer one or you could use different sorts of yarn to get different effects. The main thing is to have a good , reliable classic pattern to start with.