Show and tell

show and tell table

Some interesting things on our table this week which were a bit out of the ordinary.

Alexis: a huge beautiful hand knitted & crocheted felted bag large enough for a whole fleece.
Janette: crocheted a knee rug from oddments of various colours.
Marina: a cable patterned beanie knitted sideways in wool/alpaca orange/brown tones.
Jan (1) :pale pink spun skein wool tops.
Wendy: a beautifully finely spun lacy scarf from the dying workshop in a pale mauve colour.
John’s finished woven table runner for his caravan table.
Jan (3):crocheted frills on the bottom of her ¾ shorts. Very effective.
John & Marina with John’s help warp up some inkle looms to make shoe laces.

warping inkle loom


Show and Tell

show and tell April 1st 2019The weather was beautiful on Monday and our ocean view was quite spectaular. it may have been April Fool’s Day but no fools were present. Just plenty of enthusiastic peopel with great colours and good ideas.

Marjorie: 3 skeins 1, multi coloured blue, green & red, purple & green & a spun wool vest in brown with white flecks.

Janette: ball of spun wool in grey & turquoise.

Cathy: Beret in dark brown, blue & red, ball of spun wool dark brown alpaca/pink corriedale.

Marina: large rug crocheted pattern from corner to corner in various shades of brown, fawn & cream. Small beanie with a fur pom pom.

Karin: a crescent scarf spun from wool dyed at our work shop.

Jan 1: 3 beanies knitted from commercial fibres in various colours, turquoise fluffy/blue, various reds with stripes of blue & black, mainly greens with stripes of blue & violet.

Peter: weaving a piece for a ruck sack,

John is weaving his straps for the latest shopping bag.

Weaving wonders

Peter and John were both doing some good weaving this week with interesting colour palettes. John was using his inkle loom and making a bag strap with dark colours. Peter was mastering a new pattern and had chosen some lovely bright colours which go well together and show up the  new pattern to good effect.

Inkle loom

We really enjoyed it when Christine brought her inkle loom back to the group last week. It just fascinates us and we liked the colours she was weaving this time. Pam had decided she was going to try this and so yesterday she was preparing yarn ready to set up the inkle loom she had borrowed to see if she likes this type of weaving. Choosing the right yarn and setting the loom up are both important. The video goes through all of this very carefully for you so that if you know nothing, you will find out what you should be looking for and then find out how to set your loom up. For non weavers , setting up a loom seems to be a lot of bother. It’s actually something Christine enjoys. If you don’t know and haven’t tried then looking at what you have to do will give you insight and then trying it will allow you to know if you like it or not. Christine is weaving bands to make a doorway curtain and we could just imagine how nice that was going to be. You can do all sorts with the bands you weave. They can be shoulder straps for bags, belts, you can sew or crochet them together. You can even weave the bands to make a more textured fabric. Pinterest will give you some ideas. You can also get a free e-booklet from interweave.