Hemp vs Cotton

The video shows the old way of processing hemp fibres in Romania. Hemp is a good alternative to cotton in 2018 but there are all sorts of issues associated with it because it is a cannabis plant. Industrial hemp is Cannabis sativa and is grown under strict regulation in Australia.  We import tonnes of hemp fibre and yarn and we really need to grow our own and constantly work on being able to process hemp fibre efficiently so we can provide for our own market and maybe export it too. It’s a challenge. Compared with cotton it needs half the water, very little by way of pesticides and is suited well to our climate.  It can be used for textiles, paper, rope, fuel, oil and stock feed as well as building materials, cosmetics, inks and pet feed. You either gear towards fibre production or seed production. The fibre is durable and breathes well , though not as well as cotton. You can look at the comparisons here. Hemp fibre can come in several natural colours and so there is an advantage there for spinners. It can obviously be dyed too.  Hemp can produce more fibre per acre than cotton and so for textiles it is well worth considering.