Show and Tell

Show and Tell 19 Nov 2018

show and tell 19th November

Margaret: The graph knitting book she had got at Equipment Day along with the sock wool, the teal coloured wool from Rare Fibres and the little present we all got from them with the ruler and spinning wheel earrings.

Christine: Three handspun wool green hats with pastel flower buttons. Spun wool in soft oranges and creams. Rose fibre from Rare Wools,

Jan:  Snowman with the turquoise accessories. Amigurumi crochet.

Alexis: Knitted hats in handspun wool with felted trims. One in lavender and the other in green. Ball of spun wool in purple and white.

Cathy: Cake of dyed handspun wool in oranges and fawns (onion skins). Cake of dark alpaca fleece plied with fawn coloured Corriedale. Fluffy , puffy child’s beanie knitted in acrylic yarn in pastel colours.

Sheila: Baby beanie in handspun  brown alpaca . Hand kitted in double rib.  Hand knitted dark blue beret with a top knot feature in handspun wool. Green and red fleece dyed with food colouring. Carded bag of Suzie Horn’s bits which she’d got at Equipment Day. Book on weaving. Bag of fibre from rare wools in autumn colours.

Marina: Massive bobbin of spun wool. Predominantly blue.


Knitted dog

knitted dogWe all fell in love with Maria’s knitted dog from handspun wool and wanted to take it home. She has this marvellous way of bringing any knitted persona to life so you see the personality and interact with it. it’s to do with how she embroiders the features but then in the way she puts the knitted or crocheted persona together so that it has movement in the parts which makes you think it is going to come to life.




knitted dogThere are lots of free dog patterns on  In the Loop Knitting. You , too , can make your own best friend.

Show and tell


Show and tell is a regular feature of the group and always encourages us to discuss ideas and projects.

show and tell


This one shows Margorie’s reversible jacket and that caused quite a sensation. The colour in the wool was really interesting and then we were all amazed to see you could turn the jacket upside down and wear it that way. Hilary’s felted boots were just so well made and inspiring. Alan was showing his round loom beanies. Amongst other things , he is our round loom expert. We had more poppies for our collection and more hand spun wool to enthuse over. Show and tell gives us ideas but it also gives us encouragement for the things we are trying to achieve.

Cathy has made some poppies also some beautifully spun white ram’s fleece.

Alexis had a skein of her multi dyed tops plied with her dyed teal coloured tops.

Marj had knitted a cardigan pattern by Jo Sharpe which can be worn as a bolero in natural grey spun wool.

Alan had made 2 beanies knitted on a circular loom in blues& reds.

Jan shared a spun skein of Brenda’s dyed multi blues colour bubbles.

Hilary had created a pair of felted slipper & some poppies.

Margaret  had made 2 brightly coloured skeins of Susie Horn’s dyed fleece.

Marina had spun & knitted some dyed fleece which was the prize from the knitting competition.