Handpainting fibre

A lot of people like to hand paint dyes onto fibre because you can get some interesting effects. If you use darker colours, you get some really good colours , too. You need a good work space area and a place you can keep clean easily and then plenty of plastic and protective layers and rubber gloves. It doesn’t need to be messy but better to  be prudent prepare for that eventuality . In the end it is fun and creative. WoolWench provides  clear instructions.


A bit of weaving


woven scarfNot a bit, really. A lot. A lot of work and care goes into anything woven. Alan’s scarf has been woven on a scarf loom with hand spun, hand dyed wool and the colours and colourway are just so gentle and effective. Very natural looking and a good scarf to dress up an outfit when there is a bit of a cool breeze.



woven potsSheila’s little woven pots turned out so well. We blogged about them when she started making them and the finished product shows just how much time and effort when in to get a good finish.

The video shows you how to make a woven scarf without all the equipment. You just need a table, yarn and scissors. If you try it out you will see whether you like weaving or not if you haven’t tried it before.