Fine spinning


The advantage of having senior members in our group is that they know so much, have done so much and have some awesome skills . Luckily for us they share them freely and love to see that they can have a good impact onย  our yarn passion. We are lucky we have some really good fine yarn spinners in the group because they encourage us to have a reason to spin finely and to persist.

fair isle mittensMargaret brought along these knitted mittens which she had entered in a country show a while back. They are so inspiring and impressive. The wool she spun for them is about a millimetre wide for the single ply and then she had plied two together and said it knitted up as a four ply wool. The colours give her mittens a bit of a medieval look and so they are very striking. The skills involved in these mittens are inspirational and we are so glad Margaret brought these along to share at our meeting. The wind was very cold today so her hands were stylishly warm!fair isle pattern

Feather and fan scarf

gossamer spinningWendy is an expert in gossamer spinning and lace knitting. She loves it and is very passionate about it . She likes the demands it makes on her and she likes working out how to get the best effect. This fan and feather scarf is even finer than the one she made before and we all wanted it. It draped so well. It was so stylish but functional and simply beautiful. She had hand spun the wool on her manual wheel to get better control over the effect and thickness. It is just a stunning scarf. You can find the instructions for the feather and fan pattern on the other blog post about Wendy’s other scarf.

feather and fan scarf