Sleeveless jacket

knitted sleeveless jacketThis sleeveless jacket is knitted in one piece on round needles. Marjorie has dyed all the wool for it and spun it and now she has nearly finished her jacket. We can’t wait to see it when it is finished. It is a beautiful colour. It is thick and warm and will provide some good protection against the cold . it’s colour will be cheerful in winter. She is thinking of maybe putting some pearl buttons on the lapels.

There are some one piece knitting patterns on In the Loop if you want to try something like that.



Triangular shawl

Janette proved the worth of a good shawl on Monday. Adelaide has been experiencing icy cold weather this winter. Monday was typical. It was around 12 degrees but then got a bit warmer but suddenly it went really cold.  We’d all been quite comfortable and suddenly we weren’t. Janette went out to her car and came back with one of her famous shawls. She is a great believer in them. If you get a bit chilly , it is so easy to wrap yourself in a shawl and just get on with what you were doing. She has spun all the wool for this shawl and the colours were not only lovely they just happened to tone in perfectly with her outfit and so she was warm, comfortable and stylish. it’s a garter stitch triangular shawl with a fringe but Janette has added some little crochet flowers around the border because it makes it look more interesting. There are some nice shawl patterns on intheloopknitting.

A sense of whimsy

easy slippersHilary is very much in touch with her whimsical side and is easily capable of invoking pixies, fairies, elves and ethereal characters into your imagination as she knits and shares projects. She took the easy toddler slippers pattern and used the orange wool batt with silver sparkles she had made and created a bigger pair of knitted slippers which are  perfect for any pixie. She used the green wool batts she had carded and knitted a long tail beanie which would suit any elf. There is a sense of imagination and creativity in what she does. The hat is clever. There is a ribbed border knitted in the round and then the central part of the hat is knitted sideways and in garter stitch. It makes good use of colour, texture and skill.

There are two nice long tailed elf hats on Ravelry by @knitwitnj and Knitting Paradise by Mrs B. Scroll down the page to find the pattern. long tail elf hat