Needlefelting on polystyrene

needle felting penguin onto polystyrene

Pam had her penguin drawn on her polystyrene shape and wanted to try felting it. She is someone who likes to try new and different things so she can fully appreciate and understand the process.  She combed the wool finely. It took a lot of stabbing to get the wool to adhere to the polystyrene shape and she showed us how many holes you get. The white fleece , though, she did get onto the penguin very neatly and evenly. It’s exacting, time consuming work which requirse the sort of infinite patience Pam has. Why was she stabbing penguins? Like the rest of us, she has craft things at home and she hates seeing them go to waste or being unused so she looks for creative uses for these things.

Pam Duthie, in the video, didn’t find it to be a very rewarding activity and she shows you exactly what we saw with Pam on Monday but our Pam was quite successful in getting a respectable felted finish on her shape. It might be something you consider doing as a long term project to overcome some of the issues.