Felted shrugs

We love playing dress ups. We love it when someone makes something we can style and play with so that everyone can see how different something can look because we all play around with the item and can then demonstrate its versatility. This shrug just made us so excited.  Beth is very clever. She got the creamy colour by using bleach. That was an eye opener for most of us. Who’d put wool and bleach together and then come up with such a good colour? This shrug is wool, silk and chiffon and is very soft. The bleach has not made it hard and rough as you might imagine. There are some things which experience teaches which imagining can’t. We wanted Beth to put it on so we could see it and then play around with how it looked. We could see it was reversible and you got quite a different look if you turned it the other way. It’s just lovely and the silver brooches which Beth added just made it look cool. It would take a lot of time to felt the fabric and then put ti together so it drapes properly. This shrug was as fun as it was fantastic.


Show and Tell

There are two pictures this week so you can see the front and back of Beth’s shrug. We had a good meeting despite  the ongoing cold, winter weather. show and tell 20th August

Show and Tell 20th August

Cathy: unicorn lovey/comforter/blankie in pinks green and white. Acrylic with a little bit of mohair.

Alexis: Crochet blanket in ocean colours from the pattern Karin had made her cheerful, bright crochet blanket the other week.

Beth : a two way shrug which was felted with silk, alpaca, merino, chiffon. It’s predominantly in cream and she got that colour with bleach and then it has pinks and bluish greys and green. Two silver brooches add to the overall design effect.

Janette : Grapefruit to keep us on the straight and narrow with our Vitamin C intake.