Art felting

Jan sent through a link to Carol Jensen’s felting blog. If you are at all interested in art felting or producing wet felted things which have the look and the edge, then Carol Jensen’s blog is worth looking at for ideas and technique. She is a wonderfully creative person. The video by LivingFelt is also worth a look because it goes through the process for creating a very effective and interesting art felted scarf. This way you can learn and master some of the techniques and produce something to be proud of.


Felted scarf

felted scarfA while back Margaret brought in the felted scarf she had made at a workshop. The colours make a real statement . We sat the scarf on top of Jan’s cream knitted beret and they went together so well. A felted scarf can be a stylish fashion accessory but because it is wool and felted it also offers good protection against chilly winds. Margaret was saying there was some Thai silk felted into it . When you see the scarf in real life there is a bit of sheen which plays in the light.

The whole process of making Thai silk is based on the way we natural dye and how we spin and weave so we can connect to this silk production easily.  Other cultures have been practising yarn arts and crafts for centuries…millennia! It is wonderful how we can now all share those skills and  that knowledge thanks to our cyberconnections. thai silk