Felted booties

Cathy took her felting workshop learning home and improved on what she had done on the day. Her pair of felted slippers were a bit soft for her grandson so she felted another pair of Hobbit booties which were thicker. It pleased her she had remembered all the tips and tricks from the workshop. These new booties fit well and don’t concertina down grandson’s busy legs. She has a granddaughter, too, and couldn’t leave her out so she felted a pair of woodland slippers for her and made sure they were thicker than the original pair she had made. All good. Now Cathy can think of bigger projects !


Show and tell

show and tell 12November

show and tell 12th November

We had a really good meeting this week. Karin mentored us in the German short rows with wraps so we could do the 10 stitch blanket corners easily. We appreciate her help.

Janette: Limes. Cake of colourful merino yarn which she had spun.
Marjorie: Newsletter from the Murray Bridge Spinners and Weavers group
Hilary: 2 pairs of footsocks. One home spun in browns and one in acrylic in yellows and blues so we could see the difference. Foot scoks in crown, fawn and red homespun wool from a different pattern. Knitting patterns to share.
Alexis: 10 stitch blanket so we could see the difference if you do not do wraps. Bright colours and then autumn colours and n merino wool. A skein of spun merino wool in pinks and blues.
Marina: Knitted wool basket in grey with red trim. Example of broomstick crochet with the gadgets she had got from a crochet magazine.

Cathy: Hobbit boots felted in yellow, red, inky blue and green – a woolbatt colourway from Alexis . A Fair Isle beanie in black, navy blue, red and grey.
Peter: Woven wool mat which was his first (impressive) attempt at weaving. Soft , natural colours and then some glitter and dark green.
Wendy: Dried avocado pips and skins for natural dyeing

Felting workshop

The felting workshop was a triumph! Why?  Because by the end of it , those who participated were all energised and confident. They had the felting bug! Last year’s workshop which Sheila ran was to help Marina and Cathy understand what wet felting meant, what the processes were and how you went about wet felting. By the end of it they knew what they could and couldn’t do, they could see what the possibilities were and they could follow it up with some sense of understanding. This year’s felting workshop , run by Jan, was about improving our skills. Those who participated were making a pair of baby booties. Jan co ordinated it all, Alexis facilitated and Pam and Karin did the pop in on the participants to offer some gentle help and guidance. We were all enabled. We were pointed in the right direction and then we had to experiment and trust ourselves . We were then given ideas and techniques by Jan and Alexis so we could improve. By the end of the workshop we all had a pair of booties, we were all wildly enthusiastic and we all had a confidence in being able to felt. Sonya thought she should have a certificate for being the most improved. That’s the thing. When you do something, and at last reach that sense of achievement, it does make you feel you are finally a success! The workshop was such fun and we all loved it. Even those who didn’t participate were happy for those who succeeded in their booties. Having a cheer squad just added to the positive aspect of the day.

We thank Jan for all the time and effort she put into organising this workshop. We thank Alexis for giving up quite a bit of her day to help us do well and we thank Pam and Karin for noticing when we might need help.

We used this site  by Sally Gullbrandsen- how to make wet-felted booties – to help us.

felted slippers

Show and Tell

We had a great time yesterday because it was our felting workshop and it all went well. Our show and tell was a bonus on top of that. We are proud of the booties we learned to felt and we loved seeing what was on show. Such a good day.

Janette: Limes.

Christine: Tubular socks in greens, blues, browns and pinks. Homespun wool.

Hilary:  Cake of metallic looking wool from First Editions wool batt and fine silk. Coppery colours.

Alexis: Felted grey boots with a trim in blue ,green and dark pink. Six layers of felting. Wool.

Marina: Crochet market bag in pale turquoise made from acrylic from Cheap as Chips which she had spun.

Marjorie: Bright, beautiful beret made from the wool batt she had bought in Nimbin. Psychedelic colours.

felted booties
We loved making our felted booties