Feather and fan scarf

gossamer spinningWendy is an expert in gossamer spinning and lace knitting. She loves it and is very passionate about it . She likes the demands it makes on her and she likes working out how to get the best effect. This fan and feather scarf is even finer than the one she made before and we all wanted it. It draped so well. It was so stylish but functional and simply beautiful. She had hand spun the wool on her manual wheel to get better control over the effect and thickness. It is just a stunning scarf. You can find the instructions for the feather and fan pattern on the other blog post about Wendy’s other scarf.

feather and fan scarf

Butterfly beauty

butterfly buttonsThis homespun, knitted jacket is stunning. It is the colour and attention to detail which make it. Alexis told us it was made specifically for a petite lady with a 32 inch (81cm) bust and that it fits to perfection. We were taken with the colour of it and the butterfly buttons. Green can be a difficult colour to wear and one which people often avoid because they can’t get the right green or they don’t like the green. Bottle green can be reminiscent of school uniforms. Alexis has cleverly spun so many colours into this jacket so that it has a jewelled effect. We could not believe all the colours. The buttons really are fetching and the feather and fan sleeves are a charming addition to a lovely design. Alexis said it is knitted in one piece from sleeve bottom to sleeve bottom. If you like the feather and fan pattern there is a nice feather and fan jacket on Ravelry which is a bit like this. Alexis’ jacket is unique because it has been created from custom dyed and hand spun wool. It makes a difference.

knitting jacket