We love spinning

We do. We do love spinning and the wheels and looms never stop. The colours encourage and inspire us and we just love that rhythm of the wheels. We like to make wool batts and spin those but we like the colourways of tops and then we have been interested in experimenting with different fibres. Mostly it is merino and alpaca in our group but we’ll try dog hair, camel, cotton , plant fibres and rare breeds. We do it to see and then we do it because each fibre feels different. The colours can be outrageously bold or very soft and subtle. Sometimes it is just natural fleece colours and other times we like to play with natural and chemical dyes to see what happens. Our wheels are all different too. Some members are more than happy with their electric wheels and others like to play with their manual wheels. Electric wheels are obviously more transportable because of the size. The latest passion for some of the members, thanks to Christine, are the little 3D printed Eel Wheels. You need to be patient setting them up but they really are a bonus for quick and easy small scale spinning.

Resistance is useless

hamster praying

We have been spinning all right and we cannot resist. It’s the colours, the fibres, the wheels, the feel of fleece , tops and roving. It’s the fact we can create beautiful things from lumps of beautiful fibres. We can comb them, card them, make wool batts, dye them. It’s a visual and tactile adventure. Every week we bring along our wheels and we can spin whatever we want to spin. We can see what other people are doing and just have all this colour and fibre input. We can see the process. We can enjoy looking at and feeling the fibre. Then we can do what Marjorie has done : turn out some lovely, colourful socks or a classic style Tunisian crochet jacket. We can’t help spinning, nor do we want to.

Baby spinning wheel

Christine brought along her shoebox sized , locally made spinning wheel this week. It is small! The man who made is doesn’t want to make any more and that’s a shame. It is beautifully and thoughtfully designed and it is very efficient. It spins well, it takes up very little space, it is easy to work on and the design is very clean. It would make a great school or men’s shed project. Would we want baby spinning wheels? Yes. The smallness of them is attractive and then functional. They could be easily packed for travelling and take up so little space so great for caravans and small holiday areas. It was great to see this wheel. It’s very quiet.

This video will show you a woman who has built her own, bigger electric spinning wheel. The world is full of creative genius.

We never stop spinning

We never stop spinning and we never stop talking. Spinning and talking … that is us. It’s how we connect and develop our ideas and skills. It is how we improve projects and create projects. We spin by the sea and talk and talk. bobbins spinning