Dyeing workshop

Christies Beach 4th February 2019It was a beautiful 22 degrees and a perfect day for dyeing out on the veranda ! We opened the glass wall doors and let the light breeze and sunshine in. We should all like to thank Hilary for being so good at organising another dyeing workshop this year because those of us who participated had a lovely time and achieved what we wanted. Jan1, Hilary and Alexis all helped us with how to get the best colours and results. Rubine was a popular colour but we were just having fun trying to work out how to get the colours we wanted. Some were dyeing carded fleece, others just washed fleece and Cathy tried some rose fibre. We were using Earth Palette cold dyes and so the dyed fibre was going to go home to sit in the sun in a black bag for the day. Dyeing a skein of wool had to be thought out carefully so that it would knit up in an effective pattern. This is where the experienced people could be very helpful to the beginners. We’ll be bringing our dyed fibre back next week for show and tell and so we’ll be able to see how it all turned out. It’s a process which really makes you think and then you have to just do it!


Dyeing Day

Dyeing Day 29th January

On Sunday Adelaide was doing a great job of being Vanuatu. It had been very hot and steamy. Saturday had been very hot too. At one stage we thought dyeing day was not going to happen because of the heat. Monday morning found us with a lovely breeze down at the beach front and even though it was a battle getting the tarpaulins under the tables to protect the decking, it was a good mental and physical challenge. It was great having fresh air!  The decking outside was idyllic for the dyeing workshop.The view was superb and we had a wonderful time on Monday. It was easy and relaxing. Those new to it could just join in the conversation because it was, as usual, all about the sharing knowledge and expertise through conversation. It was doing and discovering, asking questions, looking at what others were doing and learning all the time. It was the talk which progressed the ideas and the focus on colour which enabled the creativity . Those new to the process could join in very easily and produce dyed wool which looked the part. Those accustomed to the process could help each other get the best out of the colours, the mixing and the effects. Some members of the group sat inside and were spinning because that is what they wanted to do. They had something interesting to look at and could hear all the chatter. No one in this group is required to participate in something they don’t want to. You are free to develop your own learning path but if you want to learn then everyone will lift you up so that you can achieve at a competent level. Dyeing Day was comfortable, fun, interesting and very colourful. We love colour.