Using double pointed needles

Some people find using double pointed needles hard. It’s a balance thing and then a series of techniques. Those first couple of rows are important and need to be set up carefully and properly and then the rest is easy. Some things you can start with round needles but you will always get to the point here you have to use double pointed needles (dpns) because there are too few stitches to use a round needle.

You need to remember using four needles and a triangle is more stable than 5 needles and a square. Some patterns will call for 5 needles. It means you have to be even more careful when you set things up. You don’t want a twisted first row. You don’t want gaps as you knit around and need to start your new row.  You also need to try different types of dpns. Some are more comfortable to work with than others. Some people prefer metal, others plastic, others bamboo. Find the needle length and material which suits you and your hands.

The video gives you some good tips and then the loveknitting blog gives you some other ideas and a link to a good sock patterns.