Crochet mandalas

Dolece and Gabbana Spring Summer 2019

Christine drew our attention to a wonderful Dolce and Gabbana dress featured in their Spring/Summer collection 2019. On the video it comes up at 12.27 but the parade itself is worth a watch because it is full of colour, texture, movement and interesting uses of textiles.  In a photo it looks like they have printed mandala onto fabric but in real life you can see the mandala are made of sequins. It is great to see crochet inspiring fashion houses like D&G. Still images of this parade are on the Vogue site

In crochet circles mandala are ever popular. They are colourful. They are interesting to make and they can be as big or as small as you want them to be so they have lots of uses and make a good visual impact because they are so vibrant and have texture.


Knitted felted bag

Wendy is new to felting and was one of the felting workshop participants. She has chosen to follow through on that and do some experimenting. You never know if you do not try. She has tried out an idea for a knitted, felted pouch. She used homespun wool, made her bag , put it in a hot washing machine for and hour and a half and here is the result. The bag has a really great texture and the knitting is invisible. The hints of pink and blue on the dove grey give it a nice artistic effect. Less is more and the simple, effective use of colour works well. She is using the pouch for her electric wheel foot peddle and cords. Karin pointed out, just to remind us, that a pouch like this would suit a tablet but you have to be careful because it might slide out too easily and it’s something you need to check. Experience is a great teacher!

Alice Springs Beanie Festival

BeanieWe were so excited Maria’s It’s nearly opening time beanie had been featured in The Spirit of the Land anniversary book Margaret had shared last week , that Maria brought along some of her other beanies from previous Alice Springs Beanie Festivals and her two beautiful camel awards so we could see them. She also brought along an album of her beanie festival photos so we could see all the fun and excitement.

Across the ocean

One of the advantages of having senior members in the group is they have a lifetime of skills and experiences and , in this group, they share them freely and we love it. Actually seeing Maria’s beanies in real life was inspiring. She has used crochet, knitting and needlework to accomplish very detailed and carefully thought out beanies . One tells the story of her trip from the Black Forest across the ocean to Australia and then to the beanie fest. The other one is about children playing. Maria cares very much about children and that they have good experiences and support. She cares a lot about everyone to be truthful.

BeanieThe colours chosen for these beanies are the first thing which strike you. The colours are an important part of how good these beanies look and how much they make you think about nature.  Then it is the extraordinary amount of detail which is accomplished so well. We were able to talk about this and get insight and then our brains and imagination took over. By the end of this Maria had lifted our level of thinking about the beanie festival and what we might be able to produce with our skills and ideas. Show and tell plays a vital role in promoting creativity and inspiration in others. We are full of ideas now , thanks to Maria.