Crochet Shaun the Sheep

shaun the sheepMargaret crochets great sheep! Her heart is in it and it shows. Currently she is making a Shaun the Sheep and she has got it just right with those eyes. We can’t wait to see it finished. We recommend if the sheep is for little children to make sure the eyes are crocheted and sewn too.

There’s a free Shaun the Sheep crochet pattern on purplelindacrafts and another one on crochetkingdom. Have fun!

Is this a sheep?

crochet sheep Margaret had white crochet things on her workspace. We were trying to think what they were. A big white doily and a smaller circle…hmm. As is turns out it is going to be a sheep. There is a black face to go on this and it is supposed to be for a baby blanket. This is Australia. Margaret was thinking about this sheep. She was thinking it would be too hot and heavy for a baby blanket in Australia. She really liked the sheep she was making but decided it would probably look better on a bag or an adult blanket. We are now looking forward to seeing this sheep and what Margaret does with it. Creativity is a journey and Margaret constantly teaches us to think things out , to do what we want and to use our judgement to make our own creative decisions.

While we are on the subject of sheep, because Margaret made us think about them, there is the cutest little sheep drawstring bag on RepeatCrafterMe. Great pattern and great name for a site 🙂

Sheep mobile

crochet sheepMargaret is having lovely fun crocheting little sheep for a sheep mobile for a baby. The turquoise one looks like the Mr. Men character Mr. Daydream. It is going to be lovely when it is finished and any baby would enjoy seeing the little sheep spinning gently in their room .

There are some good instructions for crochet sheep on kerriscrochet.