Rainbow owls

Christine shared a link  from Crochet Maze to these cute owls which could be made in any colour. You can find the pattern on MojiMojiDesign.

Terms of use have been made clear on the MojiMoji Design site:

“Have fun with this pattern but please don’t re-publish it in any way. I am happy for you to make and sell the finished articles from both my free and paid for patterns. A credit for Moji-Moji Design as the pattern creator would make me very happy and a link to my blog or my Ravelry shop (listed in the sidebar >) would be much appreciated! In order to keep the handmade love going please note that wholesale manufacturing of items from any of my patterns is not permitted. Thank you 🙂”

Stitch Stitch Boom has a good Pudgy Little Owl on YouTube: