Ballerina mouse

ballerina mouseJan 3 is new to the club and really likes spinning but she also likes to make toys. She brought along her mouse and llama this week so we could see the sorts of things she likes doing. The amigurumi mouse is lovely and reminded some of us of Angelina Ballerina. There are plenty of amigurumi mice on Pinterest for  you to have a look at. There is a free pattern on grace and yarn.  There are also some free ballerina mouse patterns on 4crafter.






Show and Tell

show and tell 21st January

We all loved that llama!!

Cathy: 2 cakes of spun wool. One with merino  plied with Polwarth dyed with onion skins in grey, tan, avocado dyed merino and mustard Polwarth and the other in pink , butterscotch cream and yellow. The pink was mohair and the yellow and cream merino and then plied with avocado dyed Border Leicester.

Jan 3: Big, gorgeous crocheted  llama in mottled fawns with colourful accessories in blue and red. A pink mouse in a ballet dress.

Jan 1:  Colourful hat in homespun wool in magenta and green. Two clown pixies in amigurumi crochet. One dressed in pink and one in blue.