Winter hats

Winter is June 1st in Australia so we are thinking woollie hats. It has started to get cooler and even though we aren’t quite up to the hats, we are thinking about them. We have always liked the long tail beanies . The video shows you how to make them. Hilary makes really good pixie beanies and elf hats like the homespun one in our pictures. Cathy has knitted a beanie from chunkie ,naturally coloured , spun wool and then washing machine felted it to make it very thick and warm. it is still soft. Marina has gone with the faux pompom preference which is very popular here . Her beanie is crocheted in nice, cheerful colours. Every beanie is unique and truth is , we should have more than one to suit our mood.


Where did you get that hat?

We never seem to be short of ideas for hats. They can be challenge hats where we make something to lift our game and skills. They can be oddments projects or custom made for a specific person or event. We never get tired of making hats or seeing all the new hats which pop up when we get together.

Top left is Hilary’s pixie hat. She is great at making whimsical hats suitable for any kind ofย  little woodland creature. Bottom left is Cathy’s Ravenclaw hat which she made for her granddaughter. We liked the colours. Middle is Marina’s crochet hat. It’s a nice green and a very interesting pattern with a good shape. Right are Maria’s beanies. She was revamping some World War 2 patterns. We loved the tow natural coloured beanies but the other ones are really good to look at too. Maria always seems to get something original into her beanies by way of colour or technique.