Woollen jacket

Hilary's jacketHilary’s woollen jacket was a stunner. There were a lot of reasons for this. The deep , rosy maroon colour with the flecks was beautiful. Hilary had spun all the wool for this jacket from wool batts she had got from the Bendigo Woollen Mills. To spin enough wool for a jacket this long was a big task in itself. The jacket is a classic. Classic style, classic colour, classic, beautiful knitting. There was no getting away from the fact this jacket was just stunning. As well as all the spinning , there was the long haul knitting. It was so worth it , though. It’s a warm, functional but stylish jacket. Hilary was debating whether she needed something at the front to fasten it. We were too busy thinking about how you could pull that jacket around you and be all warm and cosy on a freezing cold day. Then we had the other questions. How do you wash a jacket like this and avoid any chance of stretching it? The answer seems to be cold water and then wrapping it in a towel to soak up extra moisture before you lay it flat. You’d be having to work out a good plan for how you were going to lay it flat and where. Then there was the question about whether you could dry clean wool. You can take woollen garments to a reputable dry cleaner but the cost is quiet high it would appear. Here are three sites to help you care for wool:

Clean wool at home Clean wool at home 

How to care for wool

Four tips for cleaning wool

There does not appear to be a successful way you can dry clean at home. If you know of one , please share.