Christmas ornaments

Might be just a wee bit to late for this Christmas, but no reason not to make these lovely ornaments ready for next Christmas while you are in the mood! The ones in the video are knitted.

If you like crochet , you might like to make some of these lovely Christmas decorations and all of them are quick and effective…now, there’s a challenge…to get one made by this Christmas!

12 Free Christmas ornaments.ย 

Christmas Lunch

Christmas lunchChristmas lunchAt our last meeting we celebrated the end of our year with a lovely Christmas Lunch. Marjorie and Pam ensured everyone was properly served. John, Christine and Sonya made sure the dishes were done and then people like Wendy and Margaret made sure it was all running smoothly. Peter and Marina took photos. We all pitched in where necessary and it was a truly cheerful, Christmas event. We stopped to gather around the big table to eat lunch together and to chat. Not that we ever stop talking. One of the great things about our group is we are full of ideas and information to share and so it never stops. We were happy to get back to our wheels and creativity afterwards. Our Kris Kringle presents had had to be something we would use to do with our yarn arts and crafts and there were some lovely ideas and people brought along thoughtful presents so everyone was a winner. Nothing like something new to play with. Christine had brought her little electric Eel Wheel to spin on and we still love it. She had also brought along the most interesting folding stool which was easy to carry, easy to put up and then, as she showed us at lunch time, could double as a solid little table as well. How convenient ๐Ÿ™‚

We have had a good year. We have run some very successful events to fund raise for charity and we have had some successes with our things going into exhibitions and shows. Our workshops have been inspiring and we have produced some really creative items this year. We had plenty to celebrate and look forward to another good year next year.

Christmas crochet

Maria just knows how to create the spirit of Christmas and how to bring the cheer into any space. Last year she brought us little beautifully decorated German spice biscuits to add to our Christmas break up party. This year she has led the way with a lovely Christmas crochet collection. She was making little Father Christmas faces and had decided not to use plain white. She thought it wasn’t very Christmassy to have a plain white beard so she was using a yarn with a silver thread through it to give her Father Christmas faces a bit of cheer and sparkle. She also brought along some simple but effective crochet things to make her workspace Christmassy. The little mouse was so cute. The Christmas tree coaster was lovely and then the crochet mat to put the candle on was lovely. In a small area , Maria had created a spirit and atmosphere which added to our day. It’s what she does. She is always showing us how simple changes can make such a difference.

Here’s a Christmasย  Santa Claus face for you to crochet:

Christmas break up

Christmas break upChristmas may be over for another year but we got Christmas on the launchpad with the right spirit when we had our Christmas break up. It was full of cheer, nice things and creativity. We did not stop talking (why would we?) and every conversation was to do with ideas, colour, help , information and encouragement. There was a strong creative spirit and a lot of good will. Our show and tell table had been inspiring , the food we had planned and organised turned out really well and Alexis had been kind enough to take care of all of that. We had Secret Santa/Kris Kringle table and those of us who participated loved the choices of presentsย  which had been selected.ย  Everything and everyone was there to celebrate a successful year but to buoy us up ready for a new and creative year with lots of yarn. Christine had brought along a folder of DVD tutorials for Cathy to borrow so she could learn some art yarn spinning. The whole break up meeting was about enabling others and encouraging them to branch out and try something new and different. That is why this group is good. It is leadership by example, leadership by sharing , leadership by encouragement and leadership by facilitation. We spent the whole time suggesting, showing, laughing, mentioning. There is nothing hard line about the group. It is just people who are very passionate about yarn and textile arts and we all have our strengths. There was a lot of talk about colour because one of our first sessions in the new year will be about wool dyeing and so many of the conversations were about getting each other to think about how they could best make use of that dyeing workshop because we are all at different levels. We manage that easily , though. Everyone can move along at their own speed because the information and inspiration is there.

plush sheep

Our little felt Christmas tree looked lovely on our snack table , our food was delicious and Marina won the ram Meryl and and husbandย  had donated for our raffle. Marina is going to call him Clarrie after the man who taught her how to spin. That was nice for people to meet some of the former members of the group again and it was good for them to come and be a part of the celebrations too. It really was a celebration and over the break we shall all be cheerfully working on our ideas without any trouble.