Christmas crochet

Maria just knows how to create the spirit of Christmas and how to bring the cheer into any space. Last year she brought us little beautifully decorated German spice biscuits to add to our Christmas break up party. This year she has led the way with a lovely Christmas crochet collection. She was making little Father Christmas faces and had decided not to use plain white. She thought it wasn’t very Christmassy to have a plain white beard so she was using a yarn with a silver thread through it to give her Father Christmas faces a bit of cheer and sparkle. She also brought along some simple but effective crochet things to make her workspace Christmassy. The little mouse was so cute. The Christmas tree coaster was lovely and then the crochet mat to put the candle on was lovely. In a small area , Maria had created a spirit and atmosphere which added to our day. It’s what she does. She is always showing us how simple changes can make such a difference.

Here’s a Christmas  Santa Claus face for you to crochet:


Amigurumi Snowman

Jan’s amigurumi snowman stole our hearts.

It is his face and the bright turquoise accessories. Jan had used Pam’s pattern and like Pam she was not overly fond of crocheting with glitter yarn. It can be really tricky to work with on the small double crochet stitches. We have to say it was well worth it.