Show and tell

show and tell 8th April

Marjorie: a very colourful beret.

Jan 1: a beanie in autumn colours

Marina :1. Spun ball of purple/multi coloured tops, 1. Ball of dark brown spun with orange/pinks, a cotton knitted/crotched square.

Marina also purchased 2 small toys from the hospital craft shop.

Hilary: a lime green beanie in cable stitch

Sheila: a baby quilt for her new 10 week old granddaughter & a nursing apron for her daughter-in-law.

Peter: working on his ruck sack

John: working on his second strap for his shopping bag.

The ocean looked stunning but it was very blowy down on the beach front. it was lucky we were inside with all our chat and ideas. We could value the great view without getting blown away.

Christies Beach South Australia

Show and tell

We got the new year off to a good start despite the heat in Adelaide. We’d had a good break and were full of ideas and information.

Janette: Crocheted blanket for granddaughter’s birthday in her own spun wool with fawns and rainbow colours. Cake of spun camel’s hair and silk plied with llama fleece in fawns and browns.

Hilary: Adelaide Hills  Newsletter and Murray Bridge Newsletter, red plastic storage containers to give away.

Cathy: Cake of spun cotton plied with spun acrylic fibre in red white and blue, cake of spun camel hair and silk in a latte colour, Fair Isle beanie with fleece dyed with onion skins and then merino tops and pink mohair.

Christine: Woven band from her miniature heddle loom and flyers for fibre festival and new yarn store in Pt Adelaide. She also brought along craft things to share and sell.

Margaret: miniature crocheted sheep, crochet medallion in green and red with sparkle wool, two beanies in handspun wool one in black and one in midnight blue, purple crochet slippers, lace neck scarf in maroon and inky colours.

Karin: Cake of spun wool in lovely vibrant turquoises reds and greens .

It was good to be back spinning by the sea.

Christies Beach January 14th

We do like to be beside the seaside

Christies Beach sailing clubWe like spinning there too and there is no doubt about it. The energy levels had a noticeable life yesterday because we were finally back with our ocean views where we could weather  and people watch as we were spinning. The sea air, the view and the sense of freedom make us feel very creative. We had fun and there was so much life and inspiration which you’ll see over coming posts.






electronic spinnerChristine was so excited to be back in the sailing club she colour co ordinated her dress (top left) to Alexis’ cascades of Pantone 2018 ultra violet  hand dyed wool batts. Then there was Alexis’ Pantone 2017 fresh green lunch box and her lovely Schiaparelli pink jumper. We were in fine form and the colour and productive conversations were uplifting. We did not stop talking.

We’re ba-ack!

Christies BeachAnd we are happy about it judging by how much we talked and talked and talked and didn’t stop talking. Ideas, input, sharing, oo-ing ,aah-ing, loving what we saw and loving even more what we were doing. It was a stunning Adelaide day and the ocean looked amazing.

Seaford spinners and weavers

seaford spinners and weaversThese photos are from our Christmas break up . Not everyone could be there for the break up but that is the beauty of this group. You are there when you can and want to be and you are very welcome. Yesterday saw some of the faces that couldn’t make the break up so that was good. Sadly , we have farewelled Doreen who has gone to live with her family in New South Wales. Her quiet achievement and valuable input will be missed. We welcomed Joanna and got her lovely Ron Doley wheel up and running with all our bits and  Marjorie’s and Christine’s expertise. It was a great start to the year and ,  with so many ideas flying around,  we are certain to be highly motivated and productive.