Felted accessories

It is great when you can design and fashion your own things , create a bit of style and make a  statement! Felting seems to lend itself to that and it is always good to see the ideas our group comes up with. Last week Karin had shared a felted bag and the colour play is lovely. Inside there is an emerald green and so when you open the bag there is a whole new visual aspect to it. She had found some heart buttons which matched but she had also made her own beads to go on the bag. Oddly enough it matches Alexis’ poppy hat she brought in this week. It sits well on her head and has a good visual impact. It’s not just a hat! It’s a poppy hat and it looks really, really good. The colour combinations and contrasts in the felted fabric are far more interesting than the pictures. There is form and definition and they add to the overall effect of the hat. Alexis was debating whether to put beads into the poppy centre at the top of the hat.

We thought yes. It actually looks like a real poppy and the beads would just increase that effect. Very clever.