Show and tell

show and tell July 29th

The weather looked nice but it was cold and then it got a bit warm and then a bit cold! We were far more even in our approach to the day and had a really positive time with each other.

Show and Tell

Sheila: found 5 beanies some of them were produced
while touring through Tasmania.A denim coloured beret, 1 purple, 2 natural dark brown
and a long natural fawn one with pompom.
Cathy: has dyed some more fleece this time with some small purple  flowers (Mexican/Chilean Potato Bush) that didn’t give any colour so she put some avocado skins and kernels in with the flowers and got a lovely golden colour.
Janette: 2 berets in dark brown with blue & purple flecks.
Marina: a dog collar woven in a small inkle loom and a cushion cover woven on Peter’s loom from strips of sheets & table clothes.

crochet giraffesJan3: made some gorgeous giraffes from her own spun wool.









Enjoy our view!


Christies Beach 29th July 2019

Berets to Beanies Exhibition

We had fun at the Beanies to Berets Textile Expo today at Port Noarlunga Arts Centre. This won’t be the only post. Monday will probably bring us more photos! The venue was suited to our needs and it had a good atmosphere. Stall holders and the general public were all interacting comfortably and happily. We’d like to thank Marjorie and Hilary (featured) for setting our stall up so well and for quietly keeping it all under control. We were not short of helpers and the extra bonus was pop ins from club members who couldn’t spend long with us but who came down to lend their support to us and the event. It had a positive community feel about it. The stall holders were all pleased to interact with each other and learn from each other. So much positive encouragement and the visitors to the event were also glad to offer encouragement and praise. One constant comment we had in the morning was we had a good variety of nice things on our stall and they liked our colours. Hilary got the first sale with her fluoro fingerless gloves. They were irresistible.

We have a lot of talented textile people in our area. It is good to give them space and encouragement. People can get to know us, are happy to share ideas and thoughts about textiles and it then becomes a very creative exercise. So much serious learning went on along with the looking and shopping.

Beanies to berets exhibition at textile expo

beanies_to_beretsImage : Onkaparinga city

This exhibition and expo is held in Port Noarlunga, one of the lovely beach areas south of Adelaide. The 2019 Beanies to Berets exhibition will run from 5 July 2019 – 29 July 2019. The Textile Expo is to be held on Saturday 6 July 2019, 10am – 4pm and fleece will be available there too. Details are on the Onkaparinga council website. It is an opportunity to create and celebrate wearable headwear and for stall holders to have an opportunity to sell their textile based products.


Show and tell

knitted socks from oddmentsSo much to look at this week and it was all inspiring!

Marjorie had finished her socks from her oddments.

Marina crocheted a jacket in cotton using all her odd balls.

Chris shared a  round baby blanket in blue& yellow with a crocheted border.

show and tell Cathy had knitted  a cowl in her art yarn pink/white & blue and spun a ball of Susie Horn’s bits in green plied with dark Finn/Romney/Corriedale X from Marie Pfeiffer’s fleece. 

Hilary & Maria made some small teddies for Sonya &  and Hilary presented a skein of wool/mohair mix.

show and tell 29th JanJanette a ball of spun wool brown/white.

Sheila 9 carded batts in blues & violets.

Jan  had been very creative and shared 4 skeins turquoise/purple mix, purple, turquoise & red with variegated pinks, 7 berets, 1 white with a cable band & button decoration, 1 pink felted feather & fan pattern, 1 dark blue knitted in singles, 1  two tone blue, 1 orange, green & brown tones, 1 variegated pinks knitted in singles & 1 child’s beanie knitted in short row sections.