Baby jumper

Baby jumperMaria is knitting another one piece baby jumper. It’s a take anywhere project . What we liked were the colours and the uncomplicated design choices. Those slipped stitches add texture and an interesting visual effect. The blocks of colour are understated. It will make for a stylish baby jumper. The colours are soothing. It is also a good jumper for under a jacket and is practical from that point of view. Babies can overheat quite quickly so layers are often the way to go.


One piece baby jacket

one piece knitted baby jacket

Maria was doing clever things on Monday. She was knitting a one piece baby jacket which was more or less a rectangle and then you folded it it cleverly and voilà – it was a stylish baby jacket! It was a lot of fun testing our brains to get it folded properly and so it ended up being a good brain training exercise. She’d used lovely caramel and white variegated acrylic yarn. Babies need easy care garments.

There are some lovely free knitting patterns for baby jackets on Craftsy.

baby jacket knitted once piece